“Chris, The Sound Wizard! Your talent, skill, and great vibes are just what this show needed. Thank you!”

– Pollyanna Bush

“These mixes are crazy exciting!! It’s been my great pleasure getting to know you and your wonderful talent. Your work is amazing!!! Thank you for assisting us in making our dream real. My appreciation,”

– Raz Kennedy



“Chris has to be one of my favorite producers I’ve ever heard. His work with 20 Minute Loop is so exceptional and emotive. His participation in the band Jellyfish goes down as some of the best music to come out of the Bay Area… Ever. His easy personality and professionalism make him a wise choice as a producer for any band.”

– Jay Siegan


“Yesterday I bought the triple live CD of Campovolo…
Thank you for your mix! That’s the sound of the live show!!!
Its not usual to listen to live recordings that sound like the show, but in your mix I found the energy, the pulse and the true spirit of that beautiful night!

Thank for your great job.”

– Alberto Butturini – Ligabue FOH engineer


“Man, you crushed it!  Sounds legit as Fuk %100″

– John Varn


“Chris Manning is a consummate professional. He puts everything into the projects he works on. Chris co-produced engineered and mixed the 1st album and engineered and mixed several tracks on the second album for my band American Drag with stellar results that we were all very happy with (not an easy task with our group of ears and personalities). I have also worked with Chris on several other sessions as well over the years and am always impressed with his work ethic, and positive/creative energy that he brings to each session. Very organized, punctual, versatile and extremely fast on the pro tools! He will always go the extra mile to deliver what you want to hear and has the skills to get you there. Great ears and tech chops! Cannot recommend him enough. You cannot go wrong with hiring Chris whether it be for mixing a demo track or producing and recording a full album.”

– Monroe Grisman


“Chris thank you so very much for your time and insights today, I feel re-inspired to unleash the artist within me. I really loved talking with you and your studio is fabulous! Congratulations! Well deserved.”

– Lynn Asher


“All sounding sooooo gooood! Thank you!”

– Judah Nagler TVT


“Chris is one of the best producers/engineers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s very talented, centered, creative, and easy to get along with. A great guy overall–and he’ll make you sound amazing!!”

– Dave Rude


“WOOHOO! I’m giggling! I don’t know what you did to the vocal in the middle, but it sounds better than ever! Let me listen one more time after I have my morning coffee … GREAT JOB!”

– Gene Best

Salamander Sound