“Sound and Music are Fifty Percent of the Entertainment in a Movie…“
– George Lucas
From home grown Indy documentaries to major label blockbusters,
Chris can work with budgets of any size.


Chris holding Al Nelson’s Oscar (Top Gun), Chris dreams of one day having his own!

Chris holding Al Nelson’s Oscar (Top Gun), Chris dreams of one day having his own!

Chris was 9 when he first heard Ben Burtt’s ground breaking sound design on Star Wars. He was inspired and humbled by the power of sound to breathe life into film. But it wasn’t until 16 years later when Gary Rydstrom gave vocalizations to dinosaurs long extinct that Chris knew he was destined to make sound for movies. “I remember walking out of the theater just shaking… The sounds in Jurassic Park were so realistic and powerful that they put me in an altered state.. After the film, I literally thought Velociraptors and T-Rex’s were going to be crashing through the parking lot at any moment!”

In 2010, Chris reached out to long time friend and Record Plant veteran engineer, Leff Lefferts. “For years, I had been recording music and producing bands” Chris recalls. “I was ready for a change. Leff suggested I try Skywalker Sound. He knew of a perfect opportunity and insisted I meet Gary Rizzo, and Kim Foscato. With their guidance and help, Chris made his film debut as the Sound Designer & Sound Effects Editor for The Oaxaca Film Fest Best Narrative Short “The Devil’s Dosh.” Since becoming a member of the Skywalker Sound family he has worn many hats including: Foley Mixer, Sound Effects Editor, Foley Editor, Re recording Mixer, Sound Designer, Dialog Editor, and Supervisor for over 80 projects in the past 11 years.

Clients include: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Bad Robot, Columbia, Universal, Amblin, Sony, Tri-Star, MGM, Warner, Jackalope Productions, and many more…

Chris has worked with: Randy Thom, Gary Rydstrom, Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, Gary Andre Fenley, Rizzo, Kim Foscato, Kent Sparling , Steve Boeddeker, Chris Boyes, Christopher Barnett, Tom Myers, Frank Eulner, Al Nelson, Brandon Proctor, Pete Horner, Jeremy Bowker, Benjamin Burtt, Pascal Garneau, Luke Dunn-Gielmuda, Mac Smith, David Farmer, Kyrsten Mate, Zach Martin, Jana Vance, Dennie Thorpe and many others…


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