Guardians of The Galaxy (Foley Mixer & Recordist) (Marvel)
April 2014

The new up and coming movie in the Marvel family, my duties included Foley Mixer and Recordist @ Skywalker Sound. It was a blast co-creating the sounds for this futuristic space world with tree men, blue and green humanoids, and a bad ass - take no shit - mutant raccoon!

You can check out the movie trailer here.
The Box Trolls (Foley Mixer & Recordist) (Laika)
March 2014

This is an amazing feature length animation by the same people who brought "Coraline" and "Paranorman" to life. What a gift to be able to work on this movie. Making sounds with a team of super creative people to help bring The BoxTrolls to life is a dream come true. I grew up watching the Rankin Bass clay-mation Christmas special: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (and other R.B. gems). This takes that animation style to a whole new level -with a great story as well! Make sure to catch it in the theaters September, 2014.

You can check out the movie trailer here.

Sea Lioness EP (Mixer) (Independent)
February 2014

This up and coming San Francisco quartet asked me to mix 3 songs for their new album-in-progress. With thick vocal harmonies, by great young musicians who have done their musical homework, Sea Lioness has a tight sound reminiscent of legendary bands such as Queen, Elton John and that other cool band… Jellyfish.


Manos Sucias (FX Editor)
January 2014

This thriller drama, filmed in Columbia is about a desperate fisherman and a naive young man who embark on a dangerous journey trafficking drugs up the Pacific coast of Colombia. Kent Sparling, the sound supervisor (Golden Reel Award) asked me to cut effects for the entire film.. It was a total joy. Throughout the film there is a ton of water, panga boats, and crazy train carts called "brujitas". I've never been to Columbia, but now I feel like I have, at least to the world in which the story of these two brothers takes place. Santa Marta here I come! Executive Producer: Spike Lee

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Rio 2 "River" (Foley Mixer) (Blue Sky)
January 2014

The Legendary Oscar winning Randy Thom (Incredibles, How to Train Your Dragon, Ratatouille) hired me as Foley Mixer on, Blue Sky Studios' sequel to RIO, the fun and feathery animation movie about endangered Blue Macaws in the Amazon. Working and laughing lots with the foley team of Manning, Thorpe, Vance and Randall….we all dug deep into our cartoon soaked childhoods to help bring laughter and sonic fun to the Amazon.

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Cars Toons -To Protect and Serve" (Foley Mixer) (Disney / Pixar)
December 2013

Again, as Foley mixer, I teamed up with Jana Vance, Denny Thorpe and Dan Randall for a day of Pixar fun. All I can say is, you'll never EVER guess how Jana and Denny made the sound of rubber car tires rolling down the street… (hint: not with rubber tires!)


Maleficient (Foley Mixer) (Disney)
November 2013

Supervising Sound Editors Frank Uhlner and Tim Nielsen invited me to be the Foley Mixer for Maleficient. Again, working at the historical Skywalker Sound with Foley legends Jana Vance and Denny Thorpe, and Dan Randall as Recordist I can honestly say I had my "most favorite foley moment ever" when together, we all created the gigantic viceral sounds for the tree giants, tree warriors, and giant mossy warthogs, which Maleficient conjures from within the Earth.

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Take Me to the River (Supervisor, FX, DX, MX, SD Editor) (Independent)
Fall 2013

Award Winner: Audience Award SXSW 2014

Starring Mavis Staples, Snoop Lion, William Bell, Lil P-Nut, Bobbie Bland, directed by Martin Shore, with Jerry Harrison.
Jerry Harrison and ET Thorngren approached me, asking if I would Sound Supervise and edit the sound for this film. It was an honor to be invited aboard, to help tell this historic yet modern story about the musical lifeblood that is Memphis, Tenn. Pete Horner tied it all up nicely with a really sweet Mix. - Thanks Pete!

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Elephant Listening Project EP( Engineer, Mixer) (Independent)
Fall 2013

E.L.P. brought me in to record drums with them at their home studio.. I was able to help them maximize their gear and raise the bar. We got amazing tones. Then, later after they fleshed out the arrangements, they came to my studio in San Rafael to mix the same songs. Great ideas, great guys. Check em out!

Tommy Castro (Co-Producer - Mixer) (Alligator Records)
August 2013

Bonnie Hayes contacted me to finish and mix Tommy's newest record. She suddenly found herself moving to the East Coast and needed to hand over the responsibility to someone she trusted. This was an incredible offer, and a real big honor. So, Tommy and I hung out, had a good time and finished recording and mixing his latest album. This is some great blues, and definitely one of my favorite modern blues records. The songs are super strong and the performances & tones just kick ass!

The Hundred Days (Recording Engineer) (Independent)
May 2013

Local Bay Area alt hipsters The Hundred Days packed their bags and joined me at the top of a mountain in Inverness, Ca for four days. We checked into legendary Owl Mountain Studios where tech guru: Ethan Turner has faithfully preserved and maintained this beautiful analog studio - as close as possible to its original vision and construction in 1973. Ever stood on a redwood deck, over looked beautiful Point Reyes and sung keeper vocals to your songs? Its all part of the vibe while recording at Owl Mountain.

The Fall Risk (Producer - Engineer - Mixer) (Independent)
Spring 2013

Jeff Pehrson (band member of Further) and founding member of Box Set, invited me along as engineer and producer for The Fall Risk's debut album. We tracked basics at TRI Studios (Bob Weir's - Tamalpais Research Institute) and tracked everything old school to... ready??... Analog Tape !! ... Oh yeah, the sweet sounding saturation of analog tape.. Did I mention the WHOLE band tracked live?!!! Well, they did.. This was about as close as one can get to making a record in the 70's. Great guys, great songs, a great time and an AMAZING RECORD!

Burton Snowboards - Peace Park (Supervisor, FX, DX, MX, SD Editor) (Burton, Mountain Dew)
February 2013

Tim Manning, my brother, is the head cinematographer for Burton Snowboards. Its always been a dream to work together, and Peace Park was the first. I supervised sound, edited dialog, effects, music, designed sound effects and also mixed Peace Park. Check out how some Lake Tahoe snowboarders are pushing the limits of competitive snowboard riding!

You can check out the entire movie here.

Jinn (FX Editor) (Exodus)
February 2013

This thriller, starring Serinda Swan and Ray Park had post production and mixing done at Skywalker Sound.
As an effects editor, I teamed up with Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning sound designer and mixer Steve Boeddeker to help bring Jinn's sound to life. Favorite moments were creating sounds for the black smoke demond creatures and slow-mo karate chops that dripped with Jinn Fire!

You can check out the movie trailer here.

A Bit of Bad Luck (FX Editor)(Meadow Point)
February 2013

Supervisor Frank Eulner (Iron Man, The Avengers) Invited me aboard as sound FX editor for this new feature film at Skywalker Sound. This wild and insane comic adventure takes place in rural Washington state where the sounds of logging trucks, 4x4's , red neck parties , and college student rave's-in-the-woods, all meld together to create a tension which helps drive the film.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (FX Editor) (Dreamworks)
January 2013

Legendary Sound Guru: Randy Thom asked me to help create dragon sounds for "How to Train Your Dragon 2". What an honor! The original "How to Train Your Dragon " is one of my favorite features for kids (..along with Incredibles) I watched "Dragons 1" countless times with my two sons and we eventually bought our own copy. So to be asked to help contribute to the sequel was (and still is) a life-time most memorable moment.”

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Earth to Echo (Sound Design) (Disney)
January 2013

Randy Thom also asked me to help create "creature vocalizations" in the new Disney film "Earth to Echo”. Its a cute story about a group of friends who discover, befriend, and try to rescue a marooned alien on Earth. This really was a challenging task - to make "Echo", the lead alien / robot character "speak" and show emotion without using any words. It was fun, new and demanded all the creativity I posess at this point in my life. In the end, I learned that the patterns and inflections of all languages are similar.

You can check out the movie trailer here.


Joanna Wang - Galaxy Crisis: The Strangest Midnight Broadcast (Mixer, Engineer) (Sony)
Fall 2012

Voted best album (2013)

Joanna Wang teamed up with my brother Roger Manning (Jellyfish, Beck, Air, etc..) to create these ground breaking recordings. When asked to join their team, I gladly accepted and soon was tracking vocals with Joanna at Salamander Sound (my studio in San Rafael, Ca) We Mixed the album at Shabby Road Studios in San Rafael. (Alan Hertz's Awesome studio) It was a total honor to be a part of Joanna's newest record. She is truly one of the last original innovators out there.



Ash Thursday - "The Strength to Come Apart EP" (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)(Independent)
Fall 2012

I really think Ash is the"Real Deal". She has an amazing voice and songwriting talent. This CD showcases that talent. As producer, I called on the help of Michael Urbano (Sheryl Crow, Cracker) on drums and Davey Farragher (Elvis Costello, Elton John) on Bass, to back up Ash. The end result is magical.

The Cherokee Word for Water (FX Editor)(Toy Gun)
Summer 2012

When Gwendolyn Yates Whittle (Avatar, Terminator 2, Tron) asked me to be an effects editor on "Cherokee Word for Water" I jumped at the chance. This is the story of Wilma Mankiller - the first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation. Stories of the Native American Indian have always been a deep passion of mine & I have long believed that young America has much to learn from its ancient original inhabitants. "The Cherokee Word for Water" brings some of that lost wisdom to the silver screen.
Jerry Hannan "The Light Gets Brighter"
Spring 2012

The new 11 song album Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Chris includes guest musicians: Michael Urbano ( Sheryl Crow, Spent Poets, Todd Rundgren), Davey Farragher (Elvis Costello, Elton John, Daniel Powter) and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Air, Jellyfish).

Described as "Shades of Dylan, John Prine and Van Morrison...very Americana with a faint Irish lilt", Jerry Hannan's songs (like those of Springsteen, Steve Earle and Cat Stevens) speak of our everyday lives and the magic that we sometimes miss.
Fairhaven - New Release!
April 2012

11 songs Mixed by Chris Manning, recorded by Matt Cohen (Talking Heads, Eric Martin, Kenny Wayne Shepard) with additional production by Jeff Watson (Night Ranger). Described as “A band whose talent matches the moneymakers that are tucked away in our respective iTunes playlists,” Fairhaven has emerged as one of the strongest up and coming bands in pop music today.
The Devil's Dosh (Sound Design & FX Editor) (Independent)
March 2012

Legendary Academy Award winning mixer Gary Rizzo (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Incredibles) asked me aboard as effects editor, and background editor. The Devils Dosh takes place in grimy, sooty, Ireland in a 1940's brothel. Director and writer Zachary Guerra packed more emotion, tension and excitement into this 20 minute short than most feature length movies out today. Special thanks to the amazing Kim Foscato who I had the extreme fortune to work beside !!!
Joanna Wang - Voted Best Album of 2011
January 2012

Joanna Wang's "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" was Voted Best Album of 2011 for the "East Asian" category in the January issue of Japan's popular "Music Magazine". The "All-Synthesizer" arranged songs were Mixed by Chris (with brother Roger Joseph Manning Jr performing on most of it)
Luciano Ligabue live @ Campovolo 5.1 Surround / 3-D Movie
November 2011

Chris recorded, engineered & mixed Luciano Ligabue's 2011 live concert at Campovolo. The event took place in Reggio Emilia with 4 days of setup and rehearsals and culminated in a sold out concert on the night of July 16 2011. 120,000 people attended. It was filmed in 3D and made into a movie.

Chris mixed all 31 songs for stereo CD release at Salamander Studios in San Rafael. Additionally, Chris mixed 17 songs for the 5.1 surround 3-D theatrical Italian release. The surround mixing took place at Skywalker Sound in San Rafael, Ca.

You can check out the movie trailer here.
"Computer Music" Magazine Cover
September 2011

Chris was the featured producer on the cover of the July / August 2011 issue of Computer Music, Italy's #1 recording industry magazine. The magazine includes a 5 page featured interview with color photos and covers topics such as recording philosophy, gear choices and mixing techniques.

If you read Italian, then you may enjoy the article here.
Joanna Wang: "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy"
November 2011

Released on Sony Taiwan Records, "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" is the 5th album by singer songwriter Joanna Wang. The album was mixed by Chris Manning. "Bernie" was Voted Best Album of 2011 for the "East Asian" category in the January issue of Japan's popular "Music Magazine"

"Bernie" is a bold adventure into the mind of Joanna Wang (daughter of legendary producer Bing Wang) and her secret passion for vintage synthesizers (Moog, Prophet, Oberheim, etc…) and progressive Baroque arrangements. Most of the tracks are arranged and performed by Chris' brother: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.


Luciano Ligabue: "Arrivaderci Mostro"
May 2011

Arrivaderci Mostro is the ninth album released by legendary Italian rocker Luciano Ligabue. It was recorded and mixed by Chris Manning over 3 months. It debuted at #1 on the Italian charts and remained in the top 5 for 19 consecutive weeks. It was the #1 selling album of 2010, and currently has 8x platinum sales.
Noemi: Rosso
March 2011

"Rosso" is the second album by Noemi. Released on Sony Italy Records to critical acclaim, it was Recorded by Chris Manning at Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, CA) and mixed by Chris at Salamander Studios in San Rafael, CA. To date, "Rosso" has achieved "Double Platinum" sales in Italy.
Fanny, Annie and Danny (Mixer)(Independent)
November 2010

“An Indy Masterpiece” - Huffington Post

Old friend and brilliant director, Chris Brown approached me for sonic mixing on Fannie Annie and Danny. In this, finely-crafted indy feature, Fanny, Annie & Danny are adult siblings brought together by their horrific mother for the holiday. It is The conflicted-family Christmas reunion film to end them all...You'll laugh till you cry, or vice versa.

Thriving Ivory's Single "Angels on the Moon" Goes Gold
Feb 2010

Thriving Ivory's single "Angels on the Moon" goes gold. Seven years after being produced and recorded by Chris, Thriving Ivory's first single "Angels on the Moon" reaches a major milestone, with over 500,000 digital downloads.